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Captain's Instructions
In addition to setting yourself upon the website to enter scores, new captains should familiarize themselves with the league rules and statement of sportsmanship under the Organization menu. If you're a new captain (or even if you're not and want a refresher) you'll have a few items to take care of on the web site.  Before you begin, you should first read through the FAQ page under the Help Menu.  These items should answer most of your questions, but in case you're not sure, here are some additional instructions. 

Steps for Entering Scores

To enter your scores, you must complete two basic steps:

1. You must be registered. 
2. You must be assigned as captain or co-captain. 

You must complete both of these steps in order to enter scores!  Starting with the 2012 Season, only the previous captain or the Division Secretary can assign you as the captain of your team.


To register, select Add/Edit from the Captains menu.  Before you add yourself, make sure you're not already registered.  If you find yourself, please do not add yourself a second time.  Again, do not add yourself multiple times.  If you find yourself listed more than once, refer to the FAQ on how to remove additional listings.  If you find yourself, but don't remember your login information, you do not need to contact us: the web site can email your information right to your email address.  If registering for the first time, you will choose your own login and password. 

If you no longer have access to the email address listed on the web site, that is the only reason you will need to contact us, since you won't be able to fetch the email sent by the web site.  If that is the case, use the "Ask a Question" under the Help menu to contact us and give us your new email address.  We will change it to your new address and assign a new password.  Once we do that you will be able to retrieve your new password.

We encourage you to enter TWO email addresses: one where you typically want to get emails; a second (such as a free gmail or yahoo address) you can use to retrieve your password information should you lose access to your main email address.

If you're replacing a previous captain, please do not use their login.  This will just complicate things. Instead, register as if you are a new captain and follow those instructions to replace the previous captain. Do not worry about removing the old captain from the system, as this will be taken care of by the website.

Get Assigned as a Captain

Once you have registered on the web site, you can then be assigned as a captain.  To do this, you'll have to contact either your previous captain or your Division Secretary.  They will have to locate your team on the "Team List" page under the "Players" menu.  Click on the "Edit" link and select yourself from the list of captains.  Click the "Save" link and you're now ready to enter scores and your roster!

Entering Scores

Once you've completed the above steps, use the "Enter Scores and Matches" page under the "Captains" menu.  Remember that you can enter scores only for both your home and away matches.  Once you've found the match, click "Enter Match Details".  Captains in all divisions are now required to enter complete match details.  Click the "Click Here To Enter Match Details" link, and this will make the page editable.  Once you've entered your matches, click "Save" to record them to the site.  If you make a mistake, you have up to 7 days after the match to edit the scores entered.  After 7 days only you division secretary can edit the scores.  The points will automatically be calculated for you as long as you change the Match Status to Played.  You can also use the Match Status to indicate if you are splitting a point.

Entering Match Details

Captains must enter all match details on the website.  Remember, the League rules require that all captains must keep track of match details anyway, so if you choose to do it on paper, you may, but you are now required to enter that information on the web site.  To make it easier to enter the players, update your team roster as soon as you know someone is going to be on the team.  You'll still have the option to type in a player's name if they're not a regular player, but it makes sense to enter your regulars.  Enter your players on the same page as you enter designated players.

The match details are linked to the match scores, but in some circumstances, you may need to still edit the total points won, defaults or which team won the match tie-breaker.  Match details, like match scores, can be edited for 7 days following the match.

Any captain or co-captain from the home or away team can enter match details. 

Entering Rosters and Designated Players

All captains with multiple teams must designate 8 players for the Open League and 6 for the Masters League for all but the lowest ranked team.  In other words, if your club has 3 teams, only the 1 and 2 teams need to have designated players. You must enter your designated players on the "Enter Team Roster" under the "Captains" menu.

If you need to remove or change a designated player, you must contact your division secretary -- only they have the ability to do this.  If they are not a designated player, and just a member of your team, you will be able to manage your roster on your own.


If you're a secretary, your login gives you special privileges.  You do not need a separate login.  If you are a secretary but do not see yourself listed as such, please notify us using the "Ask A Question" form.