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How do I Register?
How do I get a password?
What if I forget my password?
How do I enter scores?
How do I change a score?
Do I need to be a captain to register?
What can I use for a Login ID and Password?
Why do I sometimes stay logged in?
Why do I get sent to the home page when I login?
How do I assign myself as a captain?
What if I have more than two captains?
What do I do if I entered myself more than once?
How do I change my information?
What do I do if my email address has changed?
How do I locate an opposing team's captain?
I'm a new captain. What do I do?
Why don't I show up as a team captain?
I've registered and logged in but why can't I enter scores.
How do I assign a Co-Captain?
As a secretary, do I need a special password to edit scores?
How do I change my password?
How do I enter Designated Players?
How do I enter my roster?
I've logged in and I'm a captain but can't enter scores. Why not?
Why do I not see points for matches I have entered?