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Statement of Sportsmanship
Click on the link below to download a printable version of the Statement of Sportsmanship

Statement of Sportsmanship

The Board of Directors was confronted during recent seasons with some unfortunate incidents of poor sportsmanship that required it to take disciplinary action. This was unusual and raises the need for special comment.

For all the years of our operation, our League has been distinguished by high standards of courtesy and congeniality among all its players. We have grown to over 100 teams, with more applying for admission to membership each year, because the experience we offer is such a good balance of camaraderie and competition.

In 2003, a few players lost their self-control and abandoned the Spirit of the League. If that kind of behavior is allowed to become more common, it could threaten our very foundation. The Board is resolved not to let that happen again. Accordingly, the Board urges the Captain of each team to assume responsibility for all of his team members, and to take whatever steps are necessary to caution, and even to remove players who are misbehaving.

The By Laws of the League make the Board responsible for operating the League in the interest of all its players. It will take action, as it has in the past, if Captains do not control poor sportsmanship, by applying sanctions up to and including suspension from participation in the League. We believe 2003 was an aberration, and we rely on our Captains to be the first line of defense to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

In order to avoid future incidents of poor sportsmanship and to insure the presence of a Captain at every match, the Board, as authorized by the League By-Laws, will implement the following rule for the 2004 season and beyond:

Designated Captain for each match: Each team shall designate a Captain for each match. The Captain shall be responsible for his team's attendance, line up, recording of scores and behavior of players. Failure of a team to have a Captain present at a match may result in the Board, at its discretion, imposing sanctions, including forfeiture of matches, suspension of teams from play and/or other action the Board deems appropriate under the circumstances.